At some point we have all imagined it, but many of those occasions something does not convince us. Well, if you are one of those who need a push to finish deciding, we have for you some of the advantages of living near these beautiful destinations.

Improves respiratory problems: Many doctors recommend their patients with chronic breathing problems, such as asthma, that they move to live near the sea; sea ​​water is rich in sea salts, components in all nasal decongestants. So breathing the sea breeze continuously relieves these patients.

It’s good for the joints: The beach is the best gym there is. Taking long walks by the sea, running along the shore, stretching on the sand of the best beaches … The possibilities are many and all of them have a positive effect on the joints.

Stabilizes blood pressure: It has been shown that people who reside in populations at sea level a better heart rate. This is because in places that are at the same level as the sea, the atmospheric pressure is higher and, therefore, the amount of oxygen in the air is also higher.

Fights infections: Iodine, which is diluted in the sea breeze, is a natural bactericide that helps eliminate infections, especially those related to the respiratory and ocular systems. So residing in areas near the sea strengthens the immunity of our body to protect itself against diseases and infections.

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